ATIRECA offers the lowest prices on branded tires by combining the best of online and offline worlds, eliminating inefficiencies and streamlining the process. 


  1. Low key. We keep all our operations simple and minimalistic to cut the overhead costs. The company name is a good example of that. 
  1. Simplistic website. ATIRECA website serves one, single, exclusive purpose - letting customers order branded tires at the lowest rate and pick them up at designated spots. That’s it. Nothing more. You will get an amazing customer service at the pick up locations, but this  website is just a rudimentary, unemotional robot. 
  1. Advice-less. While we do provide warranty and support/issue resolution, we don’t provide any advice or recommendation on the products. We all trust independent reviews on Google more than an affiliated salesman or sales-website. Besides, there is more information available online than we could possibly fit on our website or salesman head. Alas! 
  1. No warehouse. We are purely online. We partner with companies who have physical stores, but we are 100% virtual. Virtual doesn’t mean you can’t get a hold of us - just contact the pick up location. It’s better dealing with a friendly staff member than a robot designed to do one thing.
  1. Small markup. The only expenses we have are the website and payment engine fees. We don’t need a full cake to be full; some crumbs is enough to keep us profitable.